Use of ICT to design a teaching tool in heat conduction field

Communications of the IBIMA

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N.K khelalfa1, Samira belhardj2, A.Mahrouk3, S.Dendah4, T. Benabdellah5 and S.E. Boudraa6

1University of Blida, Algeria

2Univesity of Mostaganem, Algeria

3University of Blida, Algeria

4University of Blida, Algeria

5ENSET of Oran, Algeria

6ENSET of Oran, Algeria

Volume 2008 (2008), Article ID 146152, Communications of the IBIMA, 4 pages, DOI:

Received date : 18 June 2008; Accepted date : 17 October 2008; Published date : 19 December 2008


This work aims to achieve a teaching tool using ICT to help engineering students in their learning of heat transfer by conduction mode. A numerical simulation based on the finite volume method was necessary, followed by the achievement of an interface which aims to achieve a “session of practical work” in heat transfer. This will allow students to be able to compare their experimental results with those obtained by simulation and/or theoretical level due to the lack of test bed and practical work equipment, which is a crucial problem in African universities.

Keywords: ICT, e-Learning, Heat transfer by conduction, Simulation.