Cyberterrorism: The Next Arena of Confrontation

Communications of the IBIMA

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George K.  Kostopoulos

Consultant - Educational and Technology Projects, Athens, Greece

Volume 2008 (2008), Article ID 526232, Communications of the IBIMA, 5 pages, DOI:

Received date : 11 June 2008; Accepted date : 8 October 2008; Published date : 10 December 2008


This paper presents a research conducted over the increasing dangers of cyberterrorism. It discusses the cyberterrorism parameters - the cyberterrorists, the attacks, and the countermeasures — as well as the Internet’s physical security.  The paper sounds an alarm over the current accessibility of critical intranets via the Internet, and points out that the risks in this practice outweigh any possible benefits. Concern is also raised over the security of Internet’s physical infrastructure, suggesting increased redundancy and that countries have more physical entry points into cyberspace. The paper concludes with two recommendations. One is the physical isolation of the Internet from critical intranets, and the other is the development of an Internet SCADA to oversee the Internet’s performance in the U.S. cyberspace.

Keywords: cyberterrorism, information assurance, internet security, malware, scada, botnet, nimda.