The effects of Knowledge Process for Customer on the achievement of Customer Knowledge Retention

Communications of the IBIMA

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Samer Alhawari1, Amine Nehari Talet2, Ebrahim Mansour3, Haroun Alryalat4 and Wa’el Musa Hadi5

1Applied Science Private University, Jordan

2King Fahd University of petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia

3Applied Science Private University, Jordan

4the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences, Amman-Jordan

5AL-Isra Private University, Jordan

Volume 2008(2008), Article ID 680621, Communications of the IBIMA, 7 pages, DOI:

Received date : 23 June 2008; Accepted date : 29 October 2008; Published date : 26 December 2008


It is evident that there is a strong competition among organizations and a sort of rapid change in the business environment is taking place. Therefore; organizations start thinking of how to improve their processes to stay competent. Knowledge has become a strategic resource and a basis of competitive advantage in the organization. However, many organizations lost sight of managing Knowledge to grow and compete with domestic and global competitors. Customer Knowledge has been increasingly recognized within process as a significant resource that can be managed to support customer retention. This paper reviews process for knowledge and present suggestions for what a general process to improve customer knowledge retention should include based on analysis of various processes in the literature. The main emphasis is laid upon the concepts of Rationalize Customer Knowledge, Validation Customer Knowledge, and Scrutinize Customer Knowledge. Therefore, this paper contributes to the process of developing customer knowledge retention process. The paper will describe a more valid process in how to achieve customer knowledge retention. 

Keywords: Knowledge Management (KM), Customer Knowledge, Process for Knowledge, Customer Knowledge Retention.