A Dual Loop Model for Managing Information Resource

Communications of the IBIMA

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  Xiuzhen Feng

Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, P. R. China

Volume 2008 (2008), Article ID 765095, Communications of the IBIMA, 4 pages, DOI:

Received date : 27 May 2008; Accepted date : 26 September 2008; Published date : 28 November 2008


With the rapid development of information and communication technology, modern business activities become increasingly dependent on Information Resource Management (IRM). To manage implemented information resources successfully in practice, one great challenge facing the management team is how to deal with various mismatches between information provider and information user. In this paper, the substance of IRM challenges on mismatches is clarified, and a dual loop model is designed to deal with the issue on mismatches. The contribution of this paper will be twofold: one is to set up a sound management mechanism for promoting information resources management, the other one is to create adaptable information resources in practice.