What is knowledge and how it can be evaluated?

Communications of the IBIMA

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Nahid Hashemian Bojnord and Mohammad Bagher Menhaj

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Khayyam Institute of Higher Education, Mashad, IRAN

Department of Electrical Engineering Amirkabir University of Technology Tehran, IRAN

Volume 2009(2009), Article ID 399597, Communications of the IBIMA, 9 pages, DOI:

Received date : 31 July 2009; Accepted date : 31 October 2008; Published date : 31 December 2009


In this paper, we present a conceptual model for knowledge evaluation. After a literature review, over various definitions on knowledge, we first extracted the main plausible features of knowledge both its nature and meaning. The main features are amount of information, verification of information and retrieval ability of information. We then developed a three dimensional model to evaluate knowledge. The surrounded volume amount these components can represent the knowledge value. To see how powerful our model is, we have considered a case study. It has been shown that the model can evaluate customer knowledge. We extracted different aspects of knowledge value from the literature and showed that they can be also acknowledged by the proposed model. The model provides a general framework for knowledge valuation and can be used to evaluate human and artificial knowledge.

Keywords: knowledge management, knowledge value.