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Developing a Business Model to Help SMEs Implement an Effective Supply Chain using Unified Modeling Language

Journal of Supply Chain and Customer Relationship Management
Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to develop a business model using analytical tools to generate quantitative evidence of the benefits of implementing an effective supply chain to assure the success of the organization in a highly competitive environment, limiting the scope to Egyptian...

System Dynamics Modeling and Simulation for E-Banking: The Egyptian Context

IBIMA Business Review
The Internet has a remarkable impact upon service companies; especially in the financial sector. This research adopts the system dynamics approach as the construction model for continuous improvement of service quality. It highlights the quality problems in banks from the perspectives of the...

A Systematic Review on the Strategic Utilization of Information Systems and IT Infrastructure Flexibility

Communications of the IBIMA
IT infrastructure is a crucial element in any organization across industry. It does not matter which industry are you in, i.e. manufacturing, education, cosmetic, automobile, health and much more required sufficient IT backbone to support these industries day-to-day operation. To remain...
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