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Towards a Platform for a Supplier Quality Management System

IBIMA Business Review
Today any OEM automotive industry that wants a status of a world-class organization has to follow a proper supplier quality management based on the worldwide recognized international standards. With this, the customer within a supply chain should have the sureness that the company has supplier...

Implementation of the Lean Manufacturing in Local Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Journal of Innovation Management in Small and Medium Enterprises
Manufacturing organizations have adopted the concept of lean manufacturing in order to develop the quality of their products and decrease their wastes. This is done by guarantee that products are evaluate or assessed at each and every stage hence costs are decreased. The objective of this study...

A Framework for Usability of e-Government Services in Developing Countries

Journal of Accounting and Auditing: Research & Practice
The use of Information Communication Technology in carrying out government activities has become a common phenomenon in the recent years. In the late 1990s, information technological developments in the field of public administration culminated into the concept of e-Government. Several benefits...
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