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The Migration Crisis and the Impact on the European Union Economic Diplomacy, How to solve it?

Journal of Eastern Europe Research in Business and Economics
This scientific article tries to analyze the impact that the refugee crisis had on the EU's economic diplomacy. The paper shows which is the current state of economic diplomacy, stressing that the issue of mass migration to Europe is not of demographic nature, but of spiritual, cultural and...

The Role of Public Diplomacy in Arab Revolution: The Case of Egypt

Journal of Internet Social Networking and Virtual Communities
This research paper proposes an analysis of the most important and most current forms of  new diplomacy namely public diplomacy. Mainly, based on qualitative research methods, the authors turn their attention towards the „first digital revolution” in the Arab world through social networks –...

Comparison of the European Union, Spain and Switzerland Gender Inequality In Unemployment by Education Attainment

Journal of Human Resources Management Research
Gender inequality can differ by education attainment of the unemployed. Discrepancy between education attainment of the unemployed changed too. Nowadays, the ratio between primary and tertiary education in unemployment is higher than ever before in Spain and the European Union. Inequality among...
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