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Dynamic simulation of creative project: case study Laboratory

Journal of Eastern Europe Research in Business and Economics
Tracking the actual course of a project is a difficult managerial task. A simulation offers a transitional phase between a plan and its implementation and offers a better way of testing the viability of the project. It is safe, cheap, efficient and risk-free. The goal of the research was to...

Evaluation of Information Systems Security Awareness in Higher Education: An Empirical Study of Kuwait University

Journal of Innovation and Business Best Practice
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the levels of knowledge, attitude, and behavior of the end-user regarding Information Systems Security Awareness (ISSA) in higher education, specifically Kuwait University (KU), and to identify the areas which require attention. Factors such as...

Bio-Material Analyses of Two Canola Cultivars Applied with Foliar Surfactant

International Journal of Renewable Energy & Biofuels
This study explores canola production in the south eastern United States in order to successfully adapt to the market demand for high valued oilseeds. Two primary objectives were established, determining yield response, and oil quality of harvested seed. Two canola cultivars were evaluated for...
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