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Knowledge Transfer in Cross-Border Merger and Acquisition

Journal of Organizational Knowledge Management
This research is conducted to provide a holistic research framework that incorporates key socio-cultural factors affecting knowledge transfer in cross-border M&A. This research will provide empirical   suggestion to domestic companies to improve the current management of cultural...

An Innovative Solution Based on Virtual Reality to Treat Phobia

International Journal of Interactive worlds
The current paper conducts research on the existing methods for treating phobias, focusing on virtual reality as an innovative treatment method. After conducting a survey of the current applications using this type of treatment, we have developed our own software, Anti-PHOBIES, which proposes...

An Illustrative Case Study of the Integration of Enterprise Resource Planning System

Journal of Enterprise Resource Planning Studies
Currently we are witnessing a phenomenon where the development and changes in enterprise environment are occurring very quickly. The paper responds to this phenomenon and it is focused on the area of ​​integration and implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning systems in the multinational...
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