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Role of a Consultancy Partner in Microfinancing

Journal of South African Business Research
This research aims at identifying the approaches used by microfinance banks in managing credit risk. Furthermore, it aims at examining the applicability of introducing the element of consultancy (consultant) in the equation to reduce credit risk. Primary data were used, which were collected...

Opportunities and Obstacles for Information Technology Start-Ups in Europe: A Comparison between Germany and Latvia

Journal of EU Research in Business
Smartphones, e-mobility, Internet of Things (IoT) – our world is situated in the middle of digitalization, product life cycles are short and innovations are particularly welcome in the information technology (IT) industry, as they imply a great opportunity for lucrative businesses. In...

Dynamic Panel Data Analysis of CO2 Emissions Driving Forces

Journal of Economics Studies and Research
Interaction between human beings and their natural environment has led to threats to ecosystems. To study this relationship, several sociological theories have been developed, among them treadmill of destruction, world system position, ecological modernization, human ecology, treadmill of...
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