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Securing the Future: Retention among Generation Y Employees

Journal of Human Resources Management Research
The prime purpose of this study is to consider the changes in management paradigms that will be required to successfully motivate as well as retain Generation-Y employees (Gen-Y) to achieve the goals of the organization.  Given the strategic importance of human resource management in creating...

Management Participation Programmes for German Target Companies—Current Developments of Fiscal Treatment in Germany

Journal of EU Research in Business
The participation of the leading management (Top-line-and Second-Line Managers) in the business development of a parent company or a group company is a popular way to incentivise the managers. In private equity transactions, managers fairly regularly get the opportunity to purchase shares in...

Online Review Ratings and the Impact on the Number of Visits to a Tourist and Cultural Attraction: the case of the Loire Valley and TripAdvisor

Journal of Internet Social Networking and Virtual Communities
Do TripAdvisor ratings affect the choice of attraction visited? Is there a link between these ratings and browsing experience on the tourist attraction’s web page? The first part of this research programme focuses on precisely measuring web and physical visits of 104 large tourist attractions...
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