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SME Financing in Morocco: Issues and Alternatives

Journal of Innovation and Business Best Practice
Small and medium enterprises, which are the key element to the development of the economy of a country like Morocco, are involved in varied activities related to trade, agriculture, crafts, tourism… It is clear that they require funds to start their activity first and then work on improving it....

The Power of Psychological Ownership in the Longevity of Family Businesses

Journal of Innovation Management in Small and Medium Enterprises
Family members’ ownership stances in family businesses are critical in case of business longevity. Family members’ business involvement in legal ownership rights has been addressed by previous studies and findings are rigid. Yet, themes behind family members’ psychological ownership in the...

The Proportion of Internal and External Financial Sources for Corporate Training in the Czech Republic

Journal of Human Resources Management Research
The aim of this paper is to analyze and determine to what degree companies in the Czech Republic deploy their own financial resources for corporate training purposes. The sample set consisted of more than 600 companies. The companies were divided into size categories according to the number of...
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