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DeTreex Inductive Knowledge Acquisition System in Project Risk Assessment

Journal of Software and Systems Development
The aim of this paper is to present the possibility of employing DeTreex inductive knowledge acquisition system in project risk assessment. DeTreex from AITECH Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is a system for knowledge acquisition implementing the inductive machine learning method. Induction...

From Corporate Governance to Social and Environmental Responsibility: Which impacts on the decisional process? Case of the Limited Company in Morocco

Journal of Innovation Management in Small and Medium Enterprises
Today, if many admit the convergence of the two notions that are Corporate Governance and CSR, one can still wonder if CSR is a matter of governance and question the exact role that administrators play in this context.We tried to answer these questions in this modest work, relying on the...

A New Collaborative Digital Social Space

Journal of Internet Social Networking and Virtual Communities
To understand the web design principles in a Digital Social Space (DSS) that can attractmultiple national cultures into one SNS platform, Internet communication users from different cultures were chosen as targets for this investigation, using questionnaires to collect user preferences on a...
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