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A Comparative Study on the Financial Performance before and After the Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility at the Company “Al madar Telecommunication Company as a Case Study”

Journal of Accounting and Auditing: Research & Practice
This study aimed to identify the impact of the implementation of the corporate social responsibility "CSR" with its four dimensions as economical, legal, ethical, and discretional on the company's financial performance, by two common financial indicators : return on assets "ROA" and return on...

What Explains Our Slow Economic Growth? Causality Analysis between Economic Growth and Defense Spending in Pakistan

Journal of Economics Studies and Research
Pakistan is faced with budget deficits, high unemployment and slow growth. This study provides a link between defense spending, debt servicing, development expenditures and economic growth for Pakistan. We examine whether there is a causality between defense expenditures and debt servicing on...

The Influence of Development on Managerial Capabilities and Performance: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan

Journal of Southeast Asian Research
“What people respect about the companies is not how they are structured or their specific approaches to management, but their capabilities. You can’t see or touch them, yet they can make all the differences in the world when it comes to market value and give investors confidence in future...
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